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WHAT IS NautHaus:

NautHaus PLLC is a safe space to learn about psychedelic medicines, their uses, and gain support along the way.  Whether you are new to this realm and want more information, or you are currently on a healing journey, NautHaus can support you and lend a hand along your path.

The PsycheDElic Healing Process:

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Preparation is the process of preparing for a psychedelic experience. This includes mental, emotional, social, and nutritional preparation. This usually takes place the week prior to the experience or more.

This is the plant medicine experience or journey. In this phase of the process, safety is paramount followed by efficacy.

Landing occurs immediately following a psychedelic experience. This is the process of calming down and relaxing from the experience prior to integration.

Integration is the process of making sense of your journey or experience and applying those new insights to transform your life. This ongoing process has several steps and is most effective with a care team on board.

Psychedelic Healing Process

The Naut Doctor:
Colton Tonn, N.D.

"Yes, you read that correctly: 'The Naut Doctor.' Does the use of 'Naut' mean he is NOT actually a doctor? Rest assured, it does NOT. I am a board-certified, state-licensed Naturopathic Physician. However, I am serving patients in a different way from most traditional physicians. I am NOT looking to be your doctor at all.  Rather, I want to be your guide, educator, coach, and supporter on your journey through the realm of psychedelic medicines." 

How Nauthaus Can Help You:


New to psychedelic and want to learn more? Currently journeying and want some guidance on your path? Looking for help with preparation or integration? Use the button below to learn more or set up an appointment.


Have a group looking for education on some aspect of psychedelics or the healing process itself? Our docs can cover a wide variety of topics and would love to chat with you!

Not what you Were looking for?
Wanting to see if we'd be a good fit?

We offer FREE 10-Minute Consultation to all perspective clients. We always want to make sure we are the best possible fit for your care team prior to committing any time or resources. Contact Us directly to see if we can help. We look forward to speaking! Safe Travels!

Bare Rock

Supplement Your Journey:

Enjoy a 15% discount on every order you make on the NautHaus Fullscript Dispensary. Because, everyone deserves access to the high-quality health on their journey, NautHaus is offering this gift to EVERYONE, client or not! Simply use the link below to enjoy your discount and be sure to check out some of our PROTOCOLS as well. Safe travels!


The NautHAUS Blog:

You don't need to be a client to gain valuable insight for your journey.  In our blog, we look to offer content involving health & wellness, psychedelics, preparation & integration, safety, and anything else we find particularly interesting or helpful. Further, we are always open to blog topic suggestions, so feel free to contact us at any point. Happy reading!

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