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MORE About Nauthaus:


Naut (pronounced "not"): adj. taken from the the term "psychonaut" or explorer/navigator of the mind. -naut comes from the Greek naútēs which means "sailor". 


Haus (pronounced "house"): noun. taken from the word "house". Haus refers to a dwelling, shelter, or place of habitation. The term "house" originates from a germanic word meaning "to hide."

NautHaus (pronounced "not house") noun. a supportive, educational space in which one is able to safely explore one's own mind.

What We Do

The realm of psychedelic medicines has shown to be life-changing for many individuals, both recently and throughout history. Any substance that is powerful enough to change someone's life can do so for better or for worse. NautHaus was created to help individuals increase the likelihood of having a positive experience with psychedelic and entheogenic substances. We look to do this through education and guidance on the topics of the medicines themselves, journey preparation, journeying itself and journey integration. Patient safety and education is our top priority! 


"Plant Seeds and Hold Space."


Any substance with the power to heal, also has the power to harm if misused. This is why it is our mission to provide a virtual space for anyone interested in psychedelics to learn, heal and grow safely and effectively while on their journey.


At NautHaus, our vision to open the door to explore worlds, inside and out.


***NautHaus PLLC is designed to educate and support those investigating the realm of psychedelics under their own volition. NautHaus PLLC's education and consultation services focus on safety and wellness, but DO NOT support, recommend, or encourage the use of psychedelic or illegal substances of any kind. Further, though NautHaus PLLC is run by a physician, any and all information and content supplied by NautHaus PLLC is intended for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY and does not constitute medical advise. Any information supplied by NautHaus PLLC should be used at the client's own risk. For any medical information, recommendations, diagnosis or treatment, please contact a licensed medical or mental health professional. No doctor-patient relationship is formed in any of the processes or services conducted in NautHaus PLLC.***

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