Psychedelic Healing Protocols from NautHaus!

Getting ready for a psychedelic journey? Are you in the midst of your own psychedelic healing process? Wanting to optimize the process? NautHaus has you covered with our new Psychedelic Healing Protocols! Learn more below:

Anyone who has ventured into the psychedelic realm knows just how nebulous the process can be. Trying to heal using psychedelics can be extremely effective, yet very confusing to navigate, especially with so much conflicting information swirling about. To help you visualize what the therapeutic use of psychedelics could look like, we created a 4-step process: 1.) Preparation, 2.) Journey/Experience, 3.) Landing, 4.) Integration.

At NautHaus, we focus on safety and efficacy when consulting and educating on the therapeutic use of psychedelics. For that reason, we have generated protocols containing supplement suggestions and educational handouts for each step in this process. To access each protocol, simply click the links below and enter your email (And enjoy a 15% discount on all supplements).

1. Preparation

Preparation is the process of preparing for a psychedelic experience. This includes mental, emotional, social, and nutritional preparation. This usually takes place the week prior to the experience, but if optimal to begin prepared 1 month prior to your journey. Our protocol takes care to build up the nutritional components necessary for our body and mind to embark on such a journey. We also make helpful non-nutritional suggestions to make the most out of your journey! Access the Psychedelic Preparation Protocol here.

2. The Journey/Experience

This is the psychedelic or plant medicine experience or journey. In this phase of the process, safety is paramount followed by efficacy. Our protocol gives several suggestions to help ensure a safe and effective journey. Access the Psychedelic Journey Protocol here.

3. Landing

While many consider "landing" or "grounding" to be the first step of integration, we decided to separate it into its own step. Landing is the part of the psychedelic healing process that immediately follows the psychedelic journey. Our protocol emphasizes calming and relaxing botanicals to restore your body back to normal and help you relax from the overwhelm of a journey. Access the Psychedelic Landing Protocol here.

4. Integration

Integration is the process of making sense of your journey or experience and applying those new insights to transform your life. This ongoing process has several steps and is most effective with a care team on board. Our protocol walks you through what integration looks like, helpful tips, as well as vital supplement suggestions. Access the Psychedelic Integration Protocol here.

Travel Safely!

Be sure to check out each of the protocols above along your next journey. These protocols are aimed at ensuring safety and efficacy in the psychedelic shealing process. Neecd other supplements? Enjoy a permanent 15% discount on all supplements, NautHaus client or not! If you are looking for more information or have questions, contact us below or book an appointment.

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