Welcome to The Nauthaus Blog!

We're here to Educate and Support on all things Psychedelics!

I am Dr. Tonn, ND, naturopathic physician as well as Founder and CEO of NautHaus PLLC. I've created this company (and this blog) to educate anyone using psychedelics on their healing journey. My primary focus is safety. Period. My secondary focus is to educate and support so that a person's use of psychedelics can be one of positive insight and healing, as the opposite can happen with misuse and inattention. I am excited for this blog to be a source of information for everyone, whether you're just beginning to learn about psychedelic medicines, or you're an experienced psychedelic user (or 'Psychonaut'...hence the origin of the name: NautHaus).

What Nauthaus offers:

At NautHaus PLLC, our vision statement reads, "Opening the door to worlds, inside and out." This vision is embodied in what we aim to do with each client. In particular we offer consulting services to aid you on your journey within the psychedelic realm.

Services Offered:

  • General Consultation

  • Journey Preparation and Integration

  • Group Education

  • Online Courses

Other Perks:

  • 15% Supplement Discount (for anyone and everyone)

  • Informative Blog

  • Free 10 minute consultation for any perspective client (try before you buy!)

What The Nauthaus blog may Cover:

When learning about psychedelics, for whatever reason, you'll likely encounter many terms such as 'Set and Setting', 'Preparation and Integration', 'Intentions', as well as many different substances and other terminology for psychedelics in general. This can be a lot to sift through, but I am happy to lend a supportive hand to make traveling in this space a little easier to understand.

Your Home for Psychedelic Wellness:

Of course, I may not cover every possible subject pertinent to your specific path, but that is why I am available to dive deeper in supporting you through the services offered above.

Regardless where you are on your journey, I am honored that you have found NautHaus PLLC. Please enjoy the blog. As always, safe travels to you!

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